100 posts

With this post I hit 100 on this blog, which is a nice moment to look back.  I started this particular blog (as opposed to other ones) with the aim of capturing some of my more ephemeral thoughts, but before I’d even posted I apparently decided to make it the centre of my web presence, which explains why the first post isn’t even “from” this site – it’s syndicated from my professional(ish) site. Then I brought in my civic-minded side. And then finally in June of 2013, fully 3 months after content started appearing here, I posted my first direct blog post.

I started a Facebook page to keep the stuff I’m excited about out of the firehose that douses everybody; it’s a bit more of a “pull” relationship now for my friends and family, and I hope that suits them better.  I know putting my Twitter feed on my Facebook made a lot of people (quite rightly) hide me from their view, so I figured if I was going to ramp up my output I’d need to make sure it didn’t ramp down people’s tolerance of my output.

I’ve got a lot of blogging ahead of me.  I just started to get serious about comics, and that will play a bigger role in days to come.  I’ve dipped my toes into the political pool, but it’s a bit chilly yet, so that will remain on hold for now, but it remains on the “someday” horizon. And, as has probably already become apparent from the Thought Recipe posts, I am very interested in lots of things, so there will always be a reason to share some of that with you.

I hope you’ll check in again from time to time. I aim to make it worth your while.