Learning Exercise: Blog Comments

This is the first blog I’ve had where I have a moderated comment queue, and it has immediately become apparent why this is so important.  Spammers are incredibly clever in their efforts to subvert comment mechanisms and distribute their payloads.  So far I’ve had a large number of seemingly positive comments (always nice to see!) […]

Fiddles: Music to My Brain

Can we just talk for a second about how awesome fiddle sites are? http://jsfiddle.net/ http://sqlfiddle.com/ These, to me, are transformative, and they seem to be coming out of community-centric sites like StackOverflow, which makes them extra-awesome.  Kudos to the people doing this work!

Infurination: Unwritten Rules

I was messing around with FitNesse again today, and I decided to just get a simple test case running to see how well it worked. This was my fixture: package fitlibrary; public class Test  extends DoFixture{ public String param; public Test(){ } public String setParam(String param){ this.param = param; return param; } public String getParam() […]