I Give Up (Again)

Another day, another failure to make FitLibrary do what I’m asking it to do.  I’ve been trying off and on for about a month now to implement double comparisons with tolerances, and every time I think I’ve made progress it turns out to be illusory. Yesterday I implemented a custom Parser subclass and registered it […]

Two Questions, One Email

Sometimes it’s necessary to ask someone several questions.  It has been my experience that there is a better-than-even chance that an email containing more than one question will trigger a return email with a response to one question.  This applies outside of the maintenance programming world, but nowhere else in my life is it quite as […]

I Do Not Like FitLibrary

It happens.  You find a framework, it’s extremely promising.  Then you hit a problem and it falls apart.  FitLibrary – and by extension FitNesse, since FitLibrary is key to making FitNesse easier to use –  falls apart at the point where you need to change cell comparisons.  There isn’t any documentation out there to tell […]

Old Dogs and New Tricks

Right now I’m playing around with Java and FitNesse and some related tools, and I’m starting to be comfortable with at least those first two, so it seems like a good moment to stop and reflect. One of the pieces of advice you get over and over again as a programmer is that you should […]