Refactoring and Short Names

There’s an old saw in certain segments of the programming world that sometimes it’s way better to use a short name for a variable. The classic example is a loop index. You get a loop that looks like this: ComplexObject[] objs = getComplexObjects(); for(int i = 0; i < objs.length; i++) { objs[i].propertyOne = valueOne; […]


The problem I had with CodeRush turns out to have been caused by an overlooked Continue While statement. Sorry about that, DevExpress. I’ll hand it to them, they are a good bunch for paying attention to their users. I’d only really interacted with them while using their rich-client grids, which are extraordinarily capable but kind […]

Getting Green

The answer to my coloring quandary in a previous problem turns out to have been solved reasonably easily. I started looking at checkResult to see what was around and I saw that I had access to the TestResults class. Victory! Just do this: if(matches == true) { testResults.pass(); } else {; } DONE! Well, […]


I’ve been drawing a lot lately.  This is (most of) the result.  Most of the “pencil” sketches (the ones that are smooth and clean because they were actually digital sketches on a Galaxy Note II) were drawn while in line for food at the movies, so I had to render them in about 15-30 seconds. […]