Knowing the modus operandi of FunnyJunk, this is just too laughably ironic:   Basically “We will steal all the contents, but you can’t hotlink our content because hey that’s not fair…”

Service Alchemy

Sometimes a good service rep is all you need to transmute a bad experience into a good one. I had the opportunity to visit O’Neill Motors, who are the only Nissan dealership within driving distance, for service recently.  I bought an Altima when I was living in Ontario a few years ago, and I’ve been […]

1 == 1

So this was the key to my problem, and I’m sure Java people in the audience are laughing at me for missing it: @Override public boolean equals(Object otherPrice) { System.out.println(“Testing equality for ” + this.toString() + ” and ” + … Continue reading

1 != 1

This might be the most frustrating thing about FitNesse and FitLibrary. How is this even possible? Don’t they match? DON’T THEY!?! More work to come…