It’s good to be in the mix. If you want to be an architect, I highly recommend being embedded somewhere long enough to see a system die. That experience will change you as a programmer; there really is nothing quite like watching an ancient, code-crufted beast fall over under its own weight as an organization […]

Being Home and Being Mental

I used to think about killing myself every day, sometimes more than once a day.  You might think that would make a person seek mental help.  In my case, you’d be wrong.  I grew up as a pretty smart kid (in the IQ sense) in a little town (in the 2-hours-off-the-highway sense), and I didn’t […]

The Fool’s Gold Standard

I mentioned that I’d had a suprisingly positive service experience with the local Nissan dealership, and I am happy to report that they followed through on all of the things they said they would do for me to try to ease my next appointment with them. Unfortunately, excellent service isn’t enough, and despite their attempts to […]