Formatting SQL

Originally posted on StackOverflow. When it comes to dealing with complex SQL, it has been my experience that using vertical space liberally is your best friend, particularly once you move to systems with more than a single join in most of your queries. I’ve written a code standard that I have been using for about […]

The Next Few Art Forms

An artist friend of mine once said he’d like to invent a color. I think that ambition is present, in one form or another, in a lot of artists. The urge to create something fundamentally new is a powerful one. It would seem that entertaining that kind of ambition is a fool’s errand. Most of […]

Scene Study for Writers

A number of people I know who have come out of SWGC‘s Acting program have gone on to write rather than perform as their primary source of bread. If you buy into the stereotype of vain, stupid actors, this might be surprising.  I am occasionally guilty of this myself, as has recently been pointed out […]

On Flakehood

One of my personal maxims is “Make something every day”.  This turns out to be easy as a programmer most of the time, since I get to output code at my day job, but lately I am finding that that “easy button” output is not meeting my own measure of satisfaction. Luckily, I am a […]