Games As (Primitive) Art

I don’t have the disposable time or income right now to indulge my love for games, but given the PS4 and Xbox One have both been released now, I can’t help taking a second to think about them. The first game I remember playing is Space Invaders. I played it at my “uncle” Mac’s house […]

WIP Excerpt: Thrum

My current “discovery writing” project. Balenn stood across the gate when they rounded the corner of the field. William set Emma on her feet and told her to go find her father straight away. The girl slipped through the fence, and Will watched her go. When she passed between the first rows of unharvested corn, […]

Excitement and Day Jobs

I have been trying to bring my excitement and creativity to bear in my day job. I assume there are a lot of different ways to do this, but in my case it almost always involves generating a new idea that is nearly or completely orthogonal to my normal duties. In particular, I’ve been playing […]