Next things: Mini power supplies

Anyone who’s owned an Xbox of any stripe knows about giant power supplies.  But with the advent of the NUC and its various competitors, it will be interesting to see what people come up with for low-wattage PSUs in the next few years.  A bit of quick poking around reveals a particularly interesting tidbit from […]

Toy Porn: Wacom tools

I’ve got more than a touch of ooh-shiny, as you maybe have noticed. It comes naturally to me as a guy who has feet in both the tech and art worlds; wanting both gadgetry in general and specific toys for specific jobs.  So when I see a review like this it is dangerous. Top: A Wacom Intuos […]

Hey Steve

Yo Steve, Looks like those dirty, lazy Newfs are now joining forces with the dirty, lazy injuns to bleed you dry.  Better get a handle on that, after all you wouldn’t want the last veneer of legitimacy around the old policy of isolating and intimidating the native population to come crumbling down, would you? Call […]

Geniuses at Work

I enjoy John August’s blog. And his podcast with Craig Mazin. Those two are sort of geniuses at discussing screenwriting.  John posted a thing about a book and an infoporn remix of part of that book. I encourage you to go read John’s post and the remix. The thing about being caught between worlds, as I […]

A network of selves

I’m a magpie by nature, and my various pursuits bear that out. You could look at this very blog to confirm that, but that’s only the beginning. You could examine my tech blog. You could check out my civic-minded St. John’s blog, although it’s pretty sparse. Sometime this year my half-scripted, placeholder-for-a-website graphic novel will start its […]