Steadyfunding hangout

I missed this when it happened and ever since, but it’s a great discussion of the topic. I’m really hopeful that this model can expand to other areas as well.  Gittip actual sounds like something I had intended to mock up later this year. CentUp is the steadyfunding analog for Humble, which is cool.  Flattr’s model […]

Thought recipe, May 28 2014 – Fluffed shinies on a srsbz platter

Combine in an orbital trash can: Sliced features Apple should steal Minced WordPress’s insecurities Popped sleep psychology Skin of one suit of foam scale mail Boil in an indefinitely delayed solar technology Precisely measure out Biztalk’s overly specific file permission requirements  Add the wrong amount of Ottawa’s badminton mismemorial One drop of automated automation Crumble as much […]

Thought recipe, May 27 – Sadness pie with inspirational meringue

Start with inspiration in the face of adversity Cut with a drug bust with 1000% more battleaxes Pound flat with mentally ill misogyny and #Yesallwomen hashtag activism Pour into a crust of Dog fence research articles Add a little military bacon Stop for a sweet snack for other people Baste with D&D fo free Set automating Windows 7 timer Powder with […]

Thought recipe May 26 – biological sausage with a corporate douchebag glaze

Begin with some plucked magpies Smother with reduced Surface Pro 3 Sieve Outlook’s deleted deleted search Weigh with the question of whether to rent or buy Add corporate warfare for contrast Dust with the myth of heroism Stir in 10% ethanol commentary Mince together Metafilter and Google, Ebay to taste. Rinse with Fiat compliance e-car douchebaggery Wash […]

Thought Recipe May 23 – Research with a side of dreams

Blend together the two flags of Newfoundland and Labrador Stir in a little inspirational quantofiction Crush one Kickstarter pipe dream Layer with Comics on WordPress Shake with antonym of diaspora Add one beautiful synonym if desired Research your sides Top with carefully chosen color schemes Press with Flanker Press Continually add Sci Fi on the Rock […]