The Vault

I mentioned the vault in passing the other day, but I figured I’d take a moment and explain what that is. If you follow any creative people out in the world, you probably have heard them state that they have more ideas than they can pursue.  That’s certainly true in my case as well, but I […]

Ars waxes poetic

The Ars Technica anticiparticle on Interstellar is a great piece of writing.  It summons the GWB speech for Columbia and Tennyson’s Ulysses (which I had never actually read before today). It’s always nice when technerds get their art on (although being a news site writer may be a bit cheat-ey in that respect), but it’s especially nice […]

Living in the future: Speech is no obstacle edition

This didn’t really happen today, but seriously?  The computer is an automated (not great, but still automated!) realtime, inline many-origin-language speech-to-text, text-to-alt-language, many-destination-language text-to-speech translator.  These are all hard problems, although text-to-speech is perhaps closer to a solved problem than the other two.  But translation in particular has been touted as a possible substitute for the […]