Forecast and Stretch Goal

My workplace spends a fair bit of time on setting goals. I’m pretty new to the environment, and the goals thing in particular is still a bit eye-widening at times (and eye-rolling at others), but I do like that they create both an expectation that is backed up by evidence and a stretch goal that is […]

Toy Porn: HP Sprout

This thing is a kind of interesting that I don’t see every day. Maybe every company makes something like this? But I don’t think so. The combination of technologies being quietly undersold here is far more interesting than the various wars in the mobile and AR/VR spaces.  And it’s just kind of a product on a […]

2014 – Jetpack’s view

It’s interesting. I forgot that my mom commented on a post. I didn’t realize how often I posted on Fridays. I averaged a post every 3 days, although I’m guessing the standard deviation there is pretty dang high. This year I’ll be putting up a webcomic and finishing a book. I may start another webcomic […]