Dieconomic tradeoffs

First: I like portmanteaus too much to really care that that title is overly grim. Talking to my partner today (considering the moniker of LGW [loveliest girl in the world] pending her approval), I mentioned that I didn’t think that I’d be doing a spreadsheet every day for this economic diet thing. But the conversation […]

The only good politic

I signed up to volunteer with the federal NDP today. It’s my first such action, though I have been thinking about taking this step for half a lifetime now. The first thing that happened was I got an email asking me to recruit 3 more people by sending them this link: http://www.ndp.ca/subscribe Political parties are […]

Diet Budget: the EBD in action

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying a new thing. I was a little loosey-goosey with it yesterday, so today I decided I’d actually take the next logical step and track my calories in a budget.   There are a few things to point out in there: That Limit field – this is my calorie […]