On Shutting Down Muskrat Falls

I’ve been super selfish the last few days; LGW is being good about it, but I can’t imagine that I’ve been easy to live with as blow after blow after blow rained down on the heads of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians over the course of this week. I’ve been trying to engage. I’m on the tweeterbox watching #nlpoli; I’m […]

Here is your sword

Took me forever to write it, so here’s the complete list of email addresses to MHAs should you have any use for such a beast brianwarr@gov.nl.ca;  perrytrimper@gov.nl.ca; gerryrogers@gov.nl.ca; scottreid@gov.nl.ca; traceyperry@gov.nl.ca; barrypetten@gov.nl.ca; pamparsons@gov.nl.ca; kevinparsons@gov.nl.ca; andrewparsons@gov.nl.ca; bettyparsley@gov.nl.ca; tosborne@gov.nl.ca; cmitchelmore@gov.nl.ca; lorrainemichael@gov.nl.ca; grahamletto@gov.nl.ca; paullane@gov.nl.ca; dalekirby@gov.nl.ca; neilking@gov.nl.ca; stevekent@gov.nl.ca; ejoyce@gov.nl.ca; keithhutchings@gov.nl.ca; colinholloway@gov.nl.ca; allanhawkins@gov.nl.ca; carolannehaley@gov.nl.ca; johnhaggie@gov.nl.ca; sherrygambinwalsh@gov.nl.ca; johnfinn@gov.nl.ca; randyedmunds@gov.nl.ca; lisadempster@gov.nl.ca; jerrydean@gov.nl.ca; padavis@gov.nl.ca; […]

Newfoundland, then and now

I’m kind of losing my mind a bit over the current situation, but while talking with LGW earlier I realized that many folks won’t remember the Newfoundland and Labrador in which I came of age.  My point of reference is when we had a 12% provincial (nearly 20% combined!) sales tax. We had over 51% combined […]

Moderation in the Shadow of Debt

Tomorrow is the provincial budget, and there’s a lot to munch on in anticipation. There’s Hans Rollmann and Jon Parsons‘ treatment of the subject, which are, if nothing else, impassioned. To me, at least, they also fail a basic test of pragmatic balance; we can’t reinvent the economy entire overnight, which would, I think, be required in order […]

Sci Fi on the Rock 10

I’m terribly grateful, first of all. To have this event at all is a testament to the dedication of its committee members, volunteers, and possibilians (invented: those who make it possible). It was a big year. They moved houses, for one thing. The Sheraton is a step up in class, no two ways about it. (Some of) […]