NGX2016 Talk

I gave another talk at the Newfoundland Gaming Expo. As I mentioned during that talk,  I figured out last year that “Making Games” is too big a subject, so I decided on “Game Programming” for this year’s talk. Which is ALSO too big a subject, so next year should be halfway focused. Maybe. Here are the … Continue reading NGX2016 Talk

Roleplaying – Islands of Content

This is the second in my series of posts on roleplaying. Last time I talked Emotional Experiments, which I’ve tried from both sides of the table, but this time I want to talk a bit about a refinement I’ve developed while running games. I used to find being the GM deeply unsatisfying. I was worried that my players […]

Roleplaying – Emotional Experimentation

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about roleplaying games of late. Blogs like The Angry GM, Ars Ludi (of West Marches fame), and The Alexandrian are blowing my little crop-topped mind pretty regularly. They’re writing stuff on a regular schedule that is opinionated, detailed, and high-quality. I’m learning a lot about the art form of Game Mastery, and I’m learning […]