The Multi-user Unstructured Development (MUD) Process

The MUD process is a mature, widely-utilized software development process. It can be found in thousands of teams around the globe. Its primary aims are to allow developers to work simultaneously on a wide variety of projects without all the willy-nilly management cruft associated with other so-called “agile” processes. MUD is characterized by several important […]

Excitement and Day Jobs

I have been trying to bring my excitement and creativity to bear in my day job. I assume there are a lot of different ways to do this, but in my case it almost always involves generating a new idea that is nearly or completely orthogonal to my normal duties. In particular, I’ve been playing […]

Settings Files

I’ve been writing .NET code since about 2004; the period from 2007 through the end of 2012 was dominated by this platform. And in all that time I never once created a settings file. They seem fidgety, but my goodness aren’t they ever handy!

Formatting SQL

Originally posted on StackOverflow. When it comes to dealing with complex SQL, it has been my experience that using vertical space liberally is your best friend, particularly once you move to systems with more than a single join in most of your queries. I’ve written a code standard that I have been using for about […]