On running an organization

There’s some news in the NL geek community this weekend. I’m not going to comment on it here, I’m just saying that’s the jumping-off point for what follows. I will note before I start that this is not meant as a complaint or a tirade against those who have tried to offer guidance and otherwise […]

WIP (Poem) – Counting down

Two thousand one thousand five hundred none Some shake their sad heads while others make fun All watching and waiting til everyone’s gone Two thousand to one thousand to five hundred to none Two thousand to one thousand to five hundred to none The worst score in the worst game when it’s over and done […]

Tweaking the Montezuma Theme

The website for Gamedev NL uses a free theme, Montezuma, which is one of those old-style power user themes that lets you rewrite a lot of stuff (templates and CSS in particular) without having to dive too far into the mire that is WordPress PHP code. One of the cool things that Montezuma does is […]

WIP: Flow

Fingers fly like chorus line legs and words emerge from abstract eggs of thought; instructions the machine is keen to obey time disappears in the moment of flow Twirling like dancers on comfortable chairs legs wither while the mind dithers between airy construction and the pragmatic way Whole realmsĀ appear by the terminal’s glow Voices like […]