WISP – Ire: Blood Memory

Dev/Pub(?): 10Birds Store: Google Play Why I Stopped Playing There aren’t a lot of reasons I’d uninstall a game before playing it, but I:BM falls afoul of one of them by requiring access to my device ID and call information. There could certainly be legitimate reasons to ask for that permission (difficulty auto-pausing on some phones, for example, […]

DMing with Stimulus-Response

Last time around, I talked about how I use Set Pieces to organize pieces of content when I DM (GM, Storytell, what have you). That works well for the “what” and “where” of my games, but the key piece of any tabletop RPG is really the “why”.  Why are the players murdering this soldier? Why are they […]

The Flame Cure

They clattered across the rocks beside the river, Will dragging the frame and Marell carrying four pouches. “Nerve!” shouted Will. Nerve stood waist-deep in the river. Emma hissed and squirmed against his grip. He spared a glance at Will and Marrell. “I’ll set the frames,” called Will over the noises of river and child. “Bring […]