Awesome things friends have taught me

Lee – muffin loaf: put muffin mix in a bread pan, and bake.  Same great muffin taste, way less of a pain in the ass to clean up

Nai – frozen pipes can sometimes be thawed using a lighter and a giant paper clip. Also, some arguments actually do educate both parties.

Ash – sea salt and cracked black pepper make things taste amazing

Jon – sometimes you just build a car in your damn garage because, well, that’s a cool thing to do.

Paul – art style has meaning, and some comic projects make a lot more sense when you use more than one art style

Mike – fighting games are magical when you play them seriously enough

Terry – sometimes new writers can actually deal with editing, and it’s very rewarding when that happens

Andy – reconnecting with an old friend can be the best thing, even if you don’t have a whole lot to connect about

There are many more things I could list.  These are just things I thought about today.

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