WIP (Poem) – Counting down

Two thousand one thousand five hundred none Some shake their sad heads while others make fun All watching and waiting til everyone’s gone Two thousand to one thousand to five hundred to none Two thousand to one thousand to five hundred to none The worst score in the worst game when it’s over and done […]

WIP: Flow

Fingers fly like chorus line legs and words emerge from abstract eggs of thought; instructions the machine is keen to obey time disappears in the moment of flow Twirling like dancers on comfortable chairs legs wither while the mind dithers between airy construction and the pragmatic way Whole realms appear by the terminal’s glow Voices like […]

Storm Knot

Still reasonably happy with this piece, which is a good few years old now. They cut the knot, let loose the tumult. This ship is sinking, they scream; women and Children first. The storm carries an ice harvest. It cuts to the bone, drops its cargo and dissipates. Silence pools in the seams. The kid’s […]

The product

Harvested from ye olde voice notes: The engine roars and water drips off the back of a tractor trailer as it tips up a hill on the Baie Verte highway and I think this is what it looks like when you don’t have the product, when the product isn’t there Fish spill into an empty bucket […]

Behind My Eyes They are Coming

Many moons old, but effective for what it was. Comeonmotherfuckersyoufuckingpricks Come and get it My teeth are raging spittle My hands are bursting fists At a great distance They are closing in again In the winter night Frozencrystallacerations The snow greets me coldly heh kaff Come and GET IT At a great distance Behind my eyelids I […]


Her eyes are only closed for a moment, it seems, little hands in little fists, little lips cold and closed, her mother standing guard as if waiting for the girl to breathe again, to shed the blueness of death and live warm and safe in arms now slack, exhausted from long nights in the church […]