Dieconomic tradeoffs

First: I like portmanteaus too much to really care that that title is overly grim.

Talking to my partner today (considering the moniker of LGW [loveliest girl in the world] pending her approval), I mentioned that I didn’t think that I’d be doing a spreadsheet every day for this economic diet thing. But the conversation stayed with me, and I realized that I should probably just bite the bullet and put one together.

I’m doing a lot of estimating right now; primarily this is because I am being lazy about calorie counting, but it’s also because 2600 is well below my daily recommended calories. The one and only joy of dieting at 350+ pounds – you can eat a lot and still reasonably expect to lose weight.

My budget today looks like this:



It’s not a good set of numbers, but there’s something useful to learn from today’s fail – it’s not just about the total. If I don’t eat the apple and the other veggies I have left, that Balance number actually gets worse. That’s the right thing, and kind of the point of this exercise – the goal here was to eat healthy, focusing on a balance rather than just a single number.