EBD: The Discovery

LGW and I are embarking on a new calorie regime next week, trying to follow the Weight Watchers program to whatever extent we can with materials at hand.  In the course of this I have deduced that the Economically Balanced Diet is more or less Weight Watchers without the magical points.

This is good to the extent that it means the transition to the new plan won’t really change a lot. And it’s encouraging to know that just by using what I know I managed to substantially reproduce one of the top diet systems of all time.

But it makes me cringe to know that these folks charge this much money to do a bit of math and diet-balancing thoughtwork for their customers. It’s not a big step from a caloric spreadsheet to weight watchers. I can guess within a point or two just about anything I know the calories for.

Thus far it looks like desserts and sweets are hit disproportionately, which makes sense. It’ll be worth trying just to see what other differences there are.