Goals: 1st quarter review

Really the first third review, but that just sounds odd.

It’s important when you set goals to keep track of how you’re doing. In my case, not so good, but there is at least some good news.

As a reminder, these were my goals:

This goal has changed somewhat, since Contension is no longer the “active” PM project, but it’s basically on track.

  • drop below 350 pounds for the first time in almost a decade

This is on track, mostly thanks to LGW.

  • get rid of $15,000 of debt

This is falling severely behind, but I’m still hopeful that I can catch up and get close with this one. It remains to be seen exactly how close.

Not even started, and the one page I did make much headway on was destroyed in a plumbing accident. Fail.

  • finish a 100,000 word fantasy novel (Thrum)

Thrum isn’t something I feel like I need to do in the first half of this year, so I’m leaving this alone for now.

  • finish a 3-volume script for Old Man Hero
  • create 5 pieces of art in preparation for work on Dynamite Harbour

These aren’t likely to get done. I am spending a lot of time on game development and a lot of time dealing with stress right now, so unless I can find a way to fix that these are probably kaput.

The stretch goals for 2015 were:

  • Get rid of $22000 worth of debt
  • create 100 pages of Heroes comics
  • finish the script for Dynamite Harbour
  • start a business under the Keelroot Comics banner
  • finish the rough draft of the sequel to Thrum
  • drop to 325 pounds
  • finish the demo for the second Perfect Minute game (tbd)

Again here, weight and the game are strong possibilities. None of the rest feel particularly realm-of-possibility-ish right now, but I can still hope.