On Not Being Mike Barrington

I’m not Mike Barrington.  Let’s get that clear right away. This past year I have learned that I sure do look like him, however. Every few weeks since this story, someone says “Mike?” and waits for me to recognize them.  After a moment, either they realize I’m not Mike Barrington, or I realize they think I’m Mike Barrington, and I tell them:  I’m not Mike Barrington.

This morning a fellow thought I was Mike Barrington, and I learned that Mike Barrington was once involved in the local wrestling community, and also that I am “…taller…” than Mike Barrington.

Here’s a short course in identifying Mike *tons:

Mike Barrington:

Mike Burton:

Note the subtle differences in hair, shape of the jaw and nose, the narrower shoulders. Also, if a guy is making bad choices right in front of you, it’s not Mike Barrington.

I’m sorry world, I am not Mike Barrington.

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