SFotR9: A brief postmortem

A friend said basically this to me yesterday regarding Sci Fi on the Rock. The truth is, for the content on offer it’s entirely possible that SFotR are overcharging those who don’t want to participate in the panels and social aspects of the con. The Artist Alley is small, the con floor takes 3 minutes to traverse, and the people who were there this year are substantially the same as the ones who were there last year.

Having said that, the panel I did on Friday was a real treat. I’ll be super interested to see what it becomes next year; I’m guessing that if the panel advocate is on the ball it will become an audience-driven event with a main stage worthy of the format.

I really do love that the con exists, and I would defend it happily. I’m also happy, however, to state my opinion on its current state. I think that’s part of what needs doing if you care about something.