Steadyfunding hangout

I missed this when it happened and ever since, but it’s a great discussion of the topic. I’m really hopeful that this model can expand to other areas as well.  Gittip actual sounds like something I had intended to mock up later this year. CentUp is the steadyfunding analog for Humble, which is cool.  Flattr’s model is appealing as a very simple, very general use case, but it seems highly dependent on adoption and understanding by the public at large and it scales less well than the others, unfortunately – the existing systems already show this off.

Anyway. It’s a year on and all these services still coexist, although Patreon seems to have hit a note.  Probably because it’s creator-driven, which is probably the right end to start with; it’s where the incentive to use a platform lives, after all. They talk about that, but I’m glad that at least one of them has made it work.