Five years post

I covered the bulk of what needs to be covered about this two years after my surgery, but at 5 years something new happens, so I wanted to mark this spot with a few words. As I was at two years out, today I’m struggling (read: failing) to find a working strategy for fixing my weight […]


The last time I saw a number with a 5 in the middle on the scale display, I was on the way up. That was in 2007. I had just left theatre school, and my sense of hope for the future had been utterly vanquished. This morning I saw a number like that. It felt […]

Diet Budget: the EBD in action

I mentioned yesterday that I was trying a new thing. I was a little loosey-goosey with it yesterday, so today I decided I’d actually take the next logical step and track my calories in a budget.   There are a few things to point out in there: That Limit field – this is my calorie […]

Hello failure my old friend

This morning I got up at 9:45, 15 minutes after I nominally start work. I had woken up at 6:45AM, which is 15 minutes prior to my desired rising time. I remember taking a long moment at that earlier hour to consider getting up before deciding to let myself doze until my alarm sounded at 7. […]