WISP – Ire: Blood Memory

Dev/Pub(?): 10Birds Store: Google Play Why I Stopped Playing There aren’t a lot of reasons I’d uninstall a game before playing it, but I:BM falls afoul of one of them by requiring access to my device ID and call information. There could certainly be legitimate reasons to ask for that permission (difficulty auto-pausing on some phones, for example, […]

Why I Stopped Playing: Bounty Stars

Play Store: Bounty Stars Dev: ? (DeNA doesn’t appear to be it?) Pub: DeNA Games Graphics: Atmospheric, perfect for mobile platforms except for the storyboard backgrounds, which unfortunately get a bit lost on the phone Sound: Off, as usual, though the few times I turned it on, it was entertaining. Writing: Some of the best writing I’ve seen in […]

Why I Stopped Playing: Star Squad

Play Store: Star Squad Dev: Hardscore Games Pub: Kongregate Graphics: Cute and functional, but nearly too small for a mobile screen. Sound: Off, as usual Writing: Perfunctory, but the fonts are nice! Gameplay: The module system makes individual battles entertaining, but the campaign is nearly a duplicate of many other space-battle-with-collectible-crew games, and it’s the thrust of the game […]

Review: Space Marshals

I’ve been playing a game called Space Marshals this week. It’s an isometric twin stick shooter from a company called Pixelbite. It appears that Pixelbite do their games App Store-first. They’ve just released a sequel there, in fact. It also appears that they’re bringing pretty much all of their Apple-first releases to Android. And that’s good news, because Space Marshals […]