On being a web tycoon

I have what you might call a substantial number of domains to my name Most of these are tied to one or more projects, but over the last two years my income has radically failed to keep up with my expenses, and I’ve had to look at which of these I might actually care about. […]

A Letter to My Country

Hi Canada. We need to talk. Do we stand for anything anymore? Anything at all? I remember not so long ago we stood for something. It seemed like every day we stood for something new. One day we’d be refusing to join in on the sham of a war in Iraq, the next we’d be […]

Hey Steve

Letters to a dear PM Hi Stephen, Lucky break with that merging of the parties business, hey? Time to get a move on, I’d say. The Canadian left isn’t just going to remain split and hand you government after government on the back of a 35% popular vote. Strike while the iron is hot, buddy! […]