Games and limits

I was talking to LGW about GTA the other day. That game pushes boundaries, obviously, but the play discussed here takes that to its extreme, and I see that I have a line beyond which I no longer feel art trumps healthy social mores. It is pretty far down the hall, perhaps, but it exists. […]

Two things that could be one

Emma Watson’s excellent speech came to my attention yesterday. Today I read this article on death, mainly because I figured it would help inform Old Man Hero.  Somewhere in the midst of the second article I remembered one of Watson’s bits about men: I want men to take up this mantle so their daughters, sisters and […]

Thought recipe, May 27 – Sadness pie with inspirational meringue

Start with inspiration in the face of adversity Cut with a drug bust with 1000% more battleaxes Pound flat with mentally ill misogyny and #Yesallwomen hashtag activism Pour into a crust of Dog fence research articles Add a little military bacon Stop for a sweet snack for other people Baste with D&D fo free Set automating Windows 7 timer Powder with […]


I didn’t know the girl, but there’s a murder trial going on around her death.  I didn’t know her, but at points our lives intertwined.  She lived for a time in the basement of the alcoholic who played a role in my directorial debut.  She went to my high school.  Someone once told me she […]

A Letter to My Country

Hi Canada. We need to talk. Do we stand for anything anymore? Anything at all? I remember not so long ago we stood for something. It seemed like every day we stood for something new. One day we’d be refusing to join in on the sham of a war in Iraq, the next we’d be […]