On Shutting Down Muskrat Falls

I’ve been super selfish the last few days; LGW is being good about it, but I can’t imagine that I’ve been easy to live with as blow after blow after blow rained down on the heads of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians over the course of this week. I’ve been trying to engage. I’m on the tweeterbox watching #nlpoli; I’m […]

Moderation in the Shadow of Debt

Tomorrow is the provincial budget, and there’s a lot to munch on in anticipation. There’s Hans Rollmann and Jon Parsons‘ treatment of the subject, which are, if nothing else, impassioned. To me, at least, they also fail a basic test of pragmatic balance; we can’t reinvent the economy entire overnight, which would, I think, be required in order […]

The only good politic

I signed up to volunteer with the federal NDP today. It’s my first such action, though I have been thinking about taking this step for half a lifetime now. The first thing that happened was I got an email asking me to recruit 3 more people by sending them this link: http://www.ndp.ca/subscribe Political parties are […]

A lovely but wishful thought

This strikes me as something that is both sensible and simultaneously aircastle-esque.  I don’t really get the sense that anyone is mad at the Tories at the moment.  They’ve done more than enough to get ousted, but they have a full year to clean up the bad feelings, and if there’s anything history shows us it’s that…I […]

A Letter to My Country

Hi Canada. We need to talk. Do we stand for anything anymore? Anything at all? I remember not so long ago we stood for something. It seemed like every day we stood for something new. One day we’d be refusing to join in on the sham of a war in Iraq, the next we’d be […]

Hey Steve

Letters to a dear PM Hi Stephen, Lucky break with that merging of the parties business, hey? Time to get a move on, I’d say. The Canadian left isn’t just going to remain split and hand you government after government on the back of a 35% popular vote. Strike while the iron is hot, buddy! […]