On being a web tycoon

I have what you might call a substantial number of domains to my name Most of these are tied to one or more projects, but over the last two years my income has radically failed to keep up with my expenses, and I’ve had to look at which of these I might actually care about. […]

Deafness, deafness, and tech

I got into a little twitterflict with Maki a while back; he linked to an article that talks about how you should not share viral videos on the subject of deaf persons reacting with joy upon receiving a cochlear implant, which I find to be a bit of a silly perspective. I don’t want to […]

Backpack, now with 100% more lunch

I bought a Targus Voyager backpack a while ago after an extended (but very lazy) search for a decent-sized backpack with a laptop sleeve.  It’s a very big, nice, durable backpack, and it has served me well. It doesn’t, however, have much room for lunch. My new diet planning strategy requires a fair bit of space for everything, […]

Thought recipe, May 27 – Sadness pie with inspirational meringue

Start with inspiration in the face of adversity Cut with a drug bust with 1000% more battleaxes Pound flat with mentally ill misogyny and #Yesallwomen hashtag activism Pour into a crust of Dog fence research articles Add a little military bacon Stop for a sweet snack for other people Baste with D&D fo free Set automating Windows 7 timer Powder with […]

Thought recipe: May 20, 2014 – Umbrage and tech casserole

A little CBC Needs Help Shake in a little birdie groove Blend in two whole distortions of facts Substitute software alternatives if desired Stir in a little of Mac dreamscaping, a little jerk software, a dash of supernova, and sprinkle in non-combat strategy Season with a frisson of build-your-own wifi hard drive Shake together with crowdfunded alt-fusion […]