Thought recipe, May 27 – Sadness pie with inspirational meringue

Start with inspiration in the face of adversity Cut with a drug bust with 1000% more battleaxes Pound flat with mentally ill misogyny and #Yesallwomen hashtag activism Pour into a crust of Dog fence research articles Add a little military bacon Stop for a sweet snack for other people Baste with D&D fo free Set automating Windows 7 timer Powder with […]

Thought Recipe May 23 – Research with a side of dreams

Blend together the two flags of Newfoundland and Labrador Stir in a little inspirational quantofiction Crush one Kickstarter pipe dream Layer with Comics on WordPress Shake with antonym of diaspora Add one beautiful synonym if desired Research your sides Top with carefully chosen color schemes Press with Flanker Press Continually add Sci Fi on the Rock […]

Thought recipe: May 20, 2014 – Umbrage and tech casserole

A little CBC Needs Help Shake in a little birdie groove Blend in two whole distortions of facts Substitute software alternatives if desired Stir in a little of Mac dreamscaping, a little jerk software, a dash of supernova, and sprinkle in non-combat strategy Season with a frisson of build-your-own wifi hard drive Shake together with crowdfunded alt-fusion […]

Thought recipe May 16, 2014 – Tech with a nerd crust

Base of medical trial activism  Zest of wave energy curiosity Melange of fish plant research Fresh-squeezed open source .NET library A dollop of GitHub tutorial An hilariously named software dev model A little bit of is-this-a-good-tablet? A good dose of ridiculous American politics One failed query for your startup Add a whole rumination on game journalism Allow to […]

Yesterday’s think recipe

Skim the cream from adulthood fail Lightly sprinkle knights on a treadmill Ferment with Andy Serkis is a bit of a jerk Layer with soured ISP threats Add a piquant of time traveling hijinx One drop of unclear cellphone-cancer science Baste with ads featuring ME! Liberal dose of crazy brain injury guy A quarter page of […]

My day’s think recipe

Take a little Results Only Work Environment A dash of Koch Brother peekaboo One best AND worst fitness tracker ever One gift for long ago and far far away A handful of comics for frickin ladies A bit about roundabouts Add zest of scathing Muskrat Falls editorial. Steep in a well-stocked podcast. Season with a discussion on deism. Finish with an episode […]