The Great Delight: Learning Other People

One of the best things in life is learning something new.  In my case, I take particular delight in learning something new about someone I count among my friends.  The person who writes that blog is a guy I worked with for several years.  He’s an engineer, a motorcycle rider with a need for speed, and a generally handsome, well-adjusted, intelligent guy.

He’s also a dedicated Christian.  As a guy with a foul mouth and an abiding affection for perversity, that would normally be a deal-breaker, but I have found over the last few years that I can relate to people of faith far better than many other atheists.  I think maybe it’s because I am very close to my little sister, who has a faith that seems born rather than made.  But it’s also because these people are the kind of faithful, as with most of the faithful I have met, who try to do good in the world because they believe in God.

I try to do good in the world, and I appreciate the urge to do more.  I often think I fall far short of that ideal.  But I keep trying.  And I find kindred spirits wherever they may fall.  Even if our ideas about the world and the meaning and purpose of life are different, we can at least foster a common good will towards the world.

I was editing a book by a Christian blogger for a while, and it taught me a lot. I think I strip away a lot of the words that talk about faith now, and examine the sentiment being expressed.  God hates [x], it is an abomination doesn’t pass muster, because it is hypocritical in the extreme.  Do unto others, however, that’s a good idea.  Just do good.  Do what you want done to you.  Foster a kinship with the greater mass of mankind.  Aim for resolution, look for ways to offer service, provide what you can to those who cannot.  Be good to your kids, and everyone else’s.  Have your brother’s back, even if he’s from another mother.

Anyway.  Hey Biluku.  Lovin the blog, dude.  Hope the bike’s out and roarin 🙂

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