This Is What I Mean About VS Tests

This is what you get by default when you ask Visual Studio 2008 to generate a new test:



Why is that so cluttered? Why is there a region that is filled with test-writing tutorial code? Why is there a member variable to track the test context? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON????

*Ahem*. Yes. This is way too much code, is my point. I want to see two things when I generate a new test case:

  1. a test fixture (ie a class)
  2. an empty test(ie a method)

If you watched the video I linked previously, you’ll notice that they actually do meet these criteria. Which is good! It’s just too bad that they’re building the clumsiest interface possible over top of that.

(PS: Hilarious ironic factoid – I can’t upgrade to this newer, “better” test tool because I can’t install VS2012 because I still have Windows XP. Speaking of being the victim of Microsoft’s successes…)