Two new bits of inspiration for Old Man Hero

OMH hasn’t been touched for a long time, which is frustrating, but it continues to colour my filter over the world.  Last night my girlfriend sent me this quote, which, as she points out, is a beautiful way to say it:

“I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart) – e.e. cummings

And then today while listening to Jian Ghomeshi’s excellent interview with John Stewart on Rosewater, I picked up this line:

You are who you’ve been since you were a kid. You carry every one of those people with you[…]Everybody that you were all along the way remains with you. You don’t ever get to a point where you conquer those people.  Their voices may get smaller, their influence may wane, but it all goes in.

I know, at this point, that Old Man Hero is a thing that I should be working on steadily. This moment in time, the idea that we carry within us the voices of ourselves and all of our loved ones – which is the very core of what the book is about – is appearing everywhere.  I see it constantly.

I just don’t have the means to do that and all the other things and still keep my life moving, and OMH requires me to develop in ways I haven’t yet. It’s frustrating. At times debilitatingly so. But I do look forward to a day when I am able, if not exactly ready, to tackle it.