Why I Stopped Playing: Bounty Stars

Play Store: Bounty Stars

Dev: ? (DeNA doesn’t appear to be it?)

Pub: DeNA Games

Graphics: Atmospheric, perfect for mobile platforms except for the storyboard backgrounds, which unfortunately get a bit lost on the phone

Sound: Off, as usual, though the few times I turned it on, it was entertaining.

Writing: Some of the best writing I’ve seen in a mobile game, hands down. Half the reason that the WISP hit me so hard.

Gameplay: A very nicely conceived strategic-move puzzle per “contract”, which leads into a brilliant 2d air-battle-style space combat mode and a well-executed but slightly tedious turn-based “boarding action” mode.

Time spent: Oh, hours. Time well spent!

Why I Stopped Playing: I lost a mission and had to restart the linear campaign, which immediately killed my anticipation of any further enjoyment.  My stomach dropped when I hit that wall. With writing and gameplay this good, I’d vastly prefer a pay-per-episode series. Alas, we cain’t always git what we want.