WISP – Ire: Blood Memory


Store: Google Play

Why I Stopped Playing

There aren’t a lot of reasons I’d uninstall a game before playing it, but I:BM falls afoul of one of them by requiring access to my device ID and call information. There could certainly be legitimate reasons to ask for that permission (difficulty auto-pausing on some phones, for example, or a built-in phone support system), but I don’t care what the reason is, because I have no reason to trust the developer with this access.

As far as I’m concerned, games should aim for minimal permissions. Files and media is bad enough – in most cases, you should not need this permission either! – but requiring permissions like Contacts and Call Information really is inexcusable.

This is probably a case where if you want free to play games, you’re better off. I have no use for F2P games as a general rule, and I’m certainly not going to open up my personal information just to play one.