Making, things to come

After seeing this article today, I just wanted to pause long enough to recognize, once again, that this is the thing I see changing pretty much everything in everyday life.  If I had my druthers, I’d start a company with a mobile house printer and a bulk food printer and that car printer with, maybe, an Open […]

New day, new diet

I’ve tried a few new things as my depression ebbed in the last couple of years to try to lose weight. I’ve been on-and-off with weight lifting and swimming. I’ve tried straight calorie tracking. I toyed with a diet that prioritized healthy food choices. Today I started something that caters to one of my major character traits – laziness. […]

Jam Jam: Postmortem

I finished my little experiment at midnight on August 28th. I got little done on my comics and nothing at all on my book or web products. The experiment, then, failed. It failed for a couple of reasons. I let myself sleep on my own schedule, which may have been a mistake. I don’t seem to have […]