Quantum Night by Robert Sawyer

In preparation for his upcoming visit courtesy of Avalon Expo 2, I’ve just read Robert Sawyer‘s book Quantum Night. It’s worth reading. Robert Sawyer is the definitive Canadian SF author. You could say he’s outshone in some ways by Margaret Atwood, and that’s true. But if you’re a reader and lover of science fiction, Sawyer’s got […]

Creating a single player version of a multiplayer game in Unity

I struggled to find any information about this online, so I’ll write a quick post about how I’m solving this with the prototype for Contension in hopes that it will help someone out there at some point. The prototype has a ContensionGame object which derives from NetworkManager, which, if you’re not familiar with UNET, is basically the … Continue reading Creating a single player version of a multiplayer game in Unity


So you want to write code for a living, but you also have a wee bit of graphic artist in you? Maybe shaders are your glovely medium! Here’s a small sample of the insanity on display at ShaderToy. Garage – I haven’t parsed this completely, but I think that entire scene – including the cars – may … Continue reading Shadertoy


New stuff happening. I’ll be giving a talk about programming and technical creation in Unity at NGX2016. I’m working on separating the Contension network code from the conflict code so I can start doing up some AI behaviours. I’ve got a bunch of candidate attributes to try out in-game.  And I’ve got a rough idea of the narrative … Continue reading Working!