On being a web tycoon

I have what you might call a substantial number of domains to my name Most of these are tied to one or more projects, but over the last two years my income has radically failed to keep up with my expenses, and I’ve had to look at which of these I might actually care about. […]

Forecast and Stretch Goal

My workplace spends a fair bit of time on setting goals. I’m pretty new to the environment, and the goals thing in particular is still a bit eye-widening at times (and eye-rolling at others), but I do like that they create both an expectation that is backed up by evidence and a stretch goal that is […]

Toy Porn: HP Sprout

This thing is a kind of interesting that I don’t see every day. Maybe every company makes something like this? But I don’t think so. The combination of technologies being quietly undersold here is far more interesting than the various wars in the mobile and AR/VR spaces.  And it’s just kind of a product on a […]