One from the vault

Found this in my notes, and I kind of like the shape of it. Having cancer as an IT worker feels a little like I’d imagine having leprosy felt for anyone not so long ago.  People no longer trust themselves around you, and they no longer trust you to touch anything that other people also […]

2015 in review

The last time I checked I was starting to fall behind on my goals for 2015, but I remained optimistic. It was an ambitious year at the outset, but then it started off in the middle of a very positive stretch – apartment was rented, house was solid, finances were manageable, depression was under control, and […]


Hi folks,
This is Mike Burton, Founder and lead codemonkey for Perfect Minute.
Whozzat? Well, Perfect Minute is a software development company based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We develop short, engaging games and Virtual Reality software. We’re rea…

Nanny’s Tribute

People were looking for my grandfather’s tribute a few years. I’ll leave this here for my amazing, dearly missed grandmother in case anyone wasn’t able to make it. Clara Flora Lydia Burton (nee King), 1930-2015 Nanny’s house always smelled like fresh bread. Everyone called her “Aunt Clara”. When I talked to her on the phone […]