Nanny’s Tribute

People were looking for my grandfather’s tribute a few years. I’ll leave this here for my amazing, dearly missed grandmother in case anyone wasn’t able to make it. Clara Flora Lydia Burton (nee King), 1930-2015 Nanny’s house always smelled like fresh bread. Everyone called her “Aunt Clara”. When I talked to her on the phone […]


The last time I saw a number with a 5 in the middle on the scale display, I was on the way up. That was in 2007. I had just left theatre school, and my sense of hope for the future had been utterly vanquished. This morning I saw a number like that. It felt […]

Goals: 1st quarter review

Really the first third review, but that just sounds odd. It’s important when you set goals to keep track of how you’re doing. In my case, not so good, but there is at least some good news. As a reminder, these were my goals: release the first Perfect Minute game, Contension This goal has changed somewhat, since […]

SFotR9: A brief postmortem

A friend said basically this to me yesterday regarding Sci Fi on the Rock. The truth is, for the content on offer it’s entirely possible that SFotR are overcharging those who don’t want to participate in the panels and social aspects of the con. The Artist Alley is small, the con floor takes 3 minutes to traverse, […]

Games and limits

I was talking to LGW about GTA the other day. That game pushes boundaries, obviously, but the play discussed here takes that to its extreme, and I see that I have a line beyond which I no longer feel art trumps healthy social mores. It is pretty far down the hall, perhaps, but it exists. […]

EBD: The Discovery

LGW and I are embarking on a new calorie regime next week, trying to follow the Weight Watchers program to whatever extent we can with materials at hand.  In the course of this I have deduced that the Economically Balanced Diet is more or less Weight Watchers without the magical points. This is good to the […]