A network of selves

I’m a magpie by nature, and my various pursuits bear that out.

You could look at this very blog to confirm that, but that’s only the beginning.

You could examine my tech blog.

You could check out my civic-minded St. John’s blog, although it’s pretty sparse.

Sometime this year my half-scripted, placeholder-for-a-website graphic novel will start its slow entry into the world.

And so will my other one.

And so will my yet-inextant game company.

I struggled for a long time with identity, because almost anyone in tech and creative professions will tell you that focus is the key to success.  They’re almost certainly right, but after 36 years, I’ve had to admit to myself that focus isn’t my strength.  What I’m good at, mostly, is being interested and having just enough brains to be interested in learning more.