Forecast and Stretch Goal

My workplace spends a fair bit of time on setting goals. I’m pretty new to the environment, and the goals thing in particular is still a bit eye-widening at times (and eye-rolling at others), but I do like that they create both an expectation that is backed up by evidence and a stretch goal that is backed up by individuals on the team itself.

This is the complete inverse of the last couple of organizations I’ve worked at, both of which are much larger and use pushed-out, organization-wide goals that have little or nothing to do with the division, let alone an individual’s role within that division.

I like the new system enough that I’m going to set aside this space for my own version.

In 2015 I expect to:

  • get rid of $15,000 of debt
  • create 50 pages of comics for Heroes of a Strange Order
  • finish a 3-volume script for Old Man Hero
  • create 5 pieces of art in preparation for work on Dynamite Harbour
  • finish a 100,000 word fantasy novel (Thrum)
  • release the first Perfect Minute game, Contension
  • drop below 350 pounds for the first time in almost a decade

I’m calling future me out, however. The stretch goals for 2015 are:

  • Get rid of $22000 worth of debt
  • create 100 pages of Heroes comics
  • finish the script for Dynamite Harbour
  • start a business under the Keelroot Comics banner
  • finish the rough draft of the sequel to Thrum
  • drop to 325 pounds
  • finish the demo for the second Perfect Minute game (tbd)

Good luck to myself. Hope you have your own far-flung dreams to aspire towards!