On being a web tycoon

I have what you might call a substantial number of domains to my name


So many!

Most of these are tied to one or more projects, but over the last two years my income has radically failed to keep up with my expenses, and I’ve had to look at which of these I might actually care about.

It turns out, many of them are no longer important to me. Which is good! Each one of these costs somewhere in the neighbourhood of $15-20 per year just for the name. I have an unlimited-domains package with my hosting provider, so there wouldn’t be a lot of extra cost beyond those small amounts, but when you look at this list you are looking at hundreds of dollars of recurring costs.

It’s interesting to see which ones don’t make the cut anymore.

Love Letter to Space was intended to be a reason to explore WebGL, and was to be a better version of 100,000 Stars. With that experiment in my rearview, I don’t think that there’s any good reason to make another version.

Moving Actions and Naive on Purpose were both supposed to be extensions of other projects (Perfect Minute Games and iDeAlienate in particular). Your Trace Persists was supposed to be an theism-independent memorial wall social networkish thing, but I’ve discovered that digital memorialization is a massively competitive space and not one I feel comfortable entering. The various .ca domains near the top (ie about to expire) were more for Canadism than anything. iGuoJiu is a project I exited a while ago.

That still leaves me a lot of domains, but I feel clearer about the ones that I’m keeping, and I think all of them are capable of becoming self-supporting at some point. $15 a year isn’t a high bar, after all.