The Flame Cure

They clattered across the rocks beside the river, Will dragging the frame and Marell carrying four pouches. “Nerve!” shouted Will. Nerve stood waist-deep in the river. Emma hissed and squirmed against his grip. He spared a glance at Will and Marrell. “I’ll set the frames,” called Will over the noises of river and child. “Bring […]

The Clatter-Wheel

Balenn stood across the gate when they rounded the corner of the field. William set Emma on her feet and told her to go find her father straight away. The girl slipped through the fence, and Will watched her go. When she passed between the first rows of unharvested corn, he turned and walked to […]


The next day passed quickly amidst preparations. Emma was delighted with the activity and threw herself into it, so much that her mother had to scold her and send her off with William, who seemed pleased to have the girl in his charge. The two arrived at a home near the outskirts of the town […]

Wild Workings

“Why would you sing your own Breaking when we need them?” demanded Eliza. Will returned her stare, his face tight. “They are my people, Eliza, and -” “Mine too!” she said. “But I didn’t sing my mother’s Bending at them!” “They were mine long after your father took you across,” said Will. “I know that […]


The river thrummed in its bed, its song played into the bones of the world. The bridge groaned as it swayed in time. The hooves of horses clopped against stone. The lead rider murmured an ancient hymn through travel-darkened lips. Her hood, weathered to a dull colour like old dirt, slumped low over her face, […]