Youtube channels for nerds

I’ve been on a bit of a spree of subscribing to awesome Youtube channels lately, and I figured I’d take a moment out of my day while I’m listening to one of them (SmarterEveryDay, specifically) to give you a quick rundown of what I’ve found that’s worth a subscribe right now.

SmarterEveryDay may not need an introduction, but in case you don’t know it, Destin is one of the greatest engineer advocates on the planet. The guy is genuinely excited by technology at a level that even nerds like me can’t usually claim. I was listening (I “watch” at work, so listening describes my consumption a lot better than watching) to SED’s Gravity Light video today, and the notion that a simple gravity-drawn generator elicits such delight from the host is better cause for watching than anything else I could offer.

Vlogbrothers is another pretty well-known channel, apparently, though I am just discovering it now. John Green (yes, that John Green) and his equally awesome brother Hank talk about a lot of stuff, but in particular I like when they talk about a lot of super-sexy sociopolitcal stuff like Democratic and Republican tax policy proposals and the territorial rights of Oregonians. Both of them have extended channels, but vlogbrothers will get you there when you’re ready.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is one more reason to love their founder, though she doesn’t seem to be active on the channel anymore, which is a little heartbreaking, since she had the most amazing series of advice vlogs that may have ever been created. I love that this channel talks to girls specifically in a way that’s confident and centric and that they even have some dumb boy stuff sometimes.

Real Engineering is another great engineering channel, and it’s pretty new. Your support of this guy could make or break him, and if you’re like me, after watching a couple of his videos you want to make him. Like a lot of newer channels, he’s got a Patreon, so you can support him directly.

RE lead me to WendoverProductions, who are little broader in scope, but equally fun and interesting and nerdy. Highly recommended

HealthCareTriage is a pupil of that John Green guy (HIM AGAIN?!?), which is cool. He’s also a physician who’s discussing lots of pretty specific topics in information-dense videos on subjects like doctor pay and water fluoridation are chock-full of discussion of both opinions AND research(!), which is my new gold standard for these channels. This is another guy with a Patreon, and even more than Real Engineering, I’m on board with throwing him a few bones for more of this sort of thing.

I’ll finish with MattShea, which is a much different kind of channel, not necessarily always my thing, and definitely doesn’t need my viewership or pimping, but the guy did a talk at the local gaming expo that was so, so good guys. Just so good. This kid is cool, and I support him because of that.

What do you think? What are you watching these days?